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Well to begin with, it does look like at least some design cues have been taken from the 2012 design of The Lizard - from The Amazing Spiderman Movie - although there are key differences.

One primary difference lying in the head. Where the Movie used something that hadn't been seen since the Goombas of the Atrocious Super Mario Brothers Movie, you've gone for a proper Lizard head. Even so far as to having the neck attached to the head from the back, as opposed to the base in a human, with said neck lengthened to accommodate it.

As for the appearance overall, the wild look to the face combined with the crouched stance would indicate that he is currently preparing to launch an attack on whoever is off-screen, adding some real emotion and life to the image.

I suppose if I had to be critical of something, it would be that some bits of the anatomy seem to be off. Chiefly in the neck and shoulders, which come across as lumpy, and misshapen. While the tail seems to be bolted to the rear, when it should be a part of the torso, although that may simply be due to the way he's crouching down.

In conclusion. A very well done take on a Classic Marvel Villain, and certainly one of the better ways in which he's been visualised.
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